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Chloride dioxide

Chloride dioxide

Effective constituent: chlorine dioxide 8百分比-10百分比
Performance: White tablets. Easily soluble in water. It can quickly kill fungus, bacteria, virus, and a variety of pathogenic microorganisms.
1. As sanitizer for emergency epidemic prevention, food and beverage industry, planting industry, aquatic product, livestock and poultry industry.
2. Disinfection and deodorant of waste and excrement. Disinfection of house, bathroom, automobile, tent, and inner space.
3. Disinfection and sterilization of tap water, secondary water supply, water tower, well, cellar, food and beverage industry.
4. Disinfection and sterilization of circulating water, swimming pool, landscape water, sewage, and non-drinking water.
Method of application



Method of application

Agricultural and sideline products and meat

Add one tablet in 1kg water


Pond disinfection

Add 1kg tablets in 400-1,000kg water

Spraying or washing

Water disinfection and fish disease prevention

80-160g/mu in 1m water

1-2 times each month

House and bathroom

Add one tablet in 1.5kg water

Spraying and fumigating

Environment disinfection

Add one tablet in 1-2kg water

Spray the ground

Water dispenser, water purifier and drum

Add one tablet in3-4kg water

Soaking and washing

Swimming pool disinfection

Add 1kg tablets in 100-150T water

According to seasonal personnel flow

Packing: 500g/bag
Shelf life: 1 year
Production date/batch number: August 2016
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